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About the Puppies & Us

These will be F1 Mini Goldendoodles and it is believe their coats range in color from an apricot to dark red, with some having a white Parti on their chest and/or face.

We are speculating that the puppies will weigh in the 15 - 30 lbs range with a shoulder height of 8" - 10".

Our breeding program; focuses on health, temperament, and coat.



Because, we know the families we choose for our puppies to go home to, will soon become important members of their families. Just as ours are.


So prior to breeding we will only use a sire which is equally as healthy and comes from parents who had been tested or shown to be of excellent pedigree, like that of Stella.


During gestation, Stella is provided all sorts of additional healthy foods, rich in what a pregnant dog needs; as well as fresh eggs from our chickens, yogurt, and chicken/proteins (not from our flock) as well as prenatal supplements.


Surprisingly it seems she enjoys Tums the most, we give these to her for calcium, and so she can provide her “mommas milk” to her growing pups.


We also monitor her health closely during pregnancy and as she is nursing, given an illness, infection, or fever, can impact the pups equally.


Finally, she still has the run of all our acreage.... though as she comes to term the “running” slows down a bit.


As far as the puppies, each will have their own temperament, and we will do our best to pair each puppy with they type of family and temperament that you are wanting.


Finally, we breed for the puppies coat because there there is no such thing as a non shedding or 100% hypo allergenic dog, which circles back to our selection of the sire and why we chose Stella.  But it’s far more then just mating two dogs for us, we believe in and ensure the following:


1. That the puppies are socialized with our children

2. That the puppies are socialized with other dogs.

3. That momma weans the puppies, when she is ready, and Lady Stella is one of the best mommas ever!!!

4. The puppies live in the epicenter of our house and in short the 1st kennel they will see is yours.... which we highly recommend using one, if you get one of our pups.

5. The puppies are introduced to grooming. Being they will receive no less then (2) baths after they are weaned and before they go home, as well as nail grooming. We do this because their first grooming can be scary for a puppy.

6. The puppies are also introduced to pad training, which they go home being 80% trained to use.... given we know the families they become a part of will likely often work away from home.

7. The puppies will also have started their “potty-training” by the time they go home and are beginning to “indicate” when they need to go outside.

8. The puppies also have been introduced to a lead and our children have began to teach them to “sit” and “come”.

9. All of the puppies will have received and are current on all shots, even if we need to hold onto them a bit longer before you are ready for them.

10. Each puppy will be microchipped and we will ensure that you have full access to register them in your own families name.

11. We provide you with both a “hard copy” and “electronic” copy of our puppy packet as well as a release of information for your veterinarian to talk to ours about the medical history of your puppy while in our care.

12. Finally, though the puppy will become a big part of your family the day he or she leaves, we will forever care about them and only desire that from that day forward, you will be as happy with them as we were. In saying this, we love when their new families share photos and videos and we are here to support you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Once they arrive.... there will be many pictures posted on our website and social media accounts... PROMISE!!!


Now, getting down to “brass tacks”; we are breeders and you are a customer. We charge $2500 for our puppies and the specifics of the transaction are laid out in the contract we provide and sign.

The puppies all go home with the following:

1. Collar

2. Blanket with Momma Stella's sent

3. A Snuggle Puppy... A stuffed dog to aid in their adjustment to leaving their litter mates.

4. (3) days worth of food

5. Our Puppy packet which is filled all sorts of information and resources.

6. A Release of Information (ROI) with our Veterinarian

7. Life time Microchip Registration

8. Volhard Assessment Report Card. 


Upon your acceptance of the terms of the contract, we will take a 50% non refundable deposit and the contract is non transferable.


Given the transaction is based upon the transfer of ownership of a living animal, sometimes animals get sick and sometimes they die. Should this occur, prior to their going home, we will gladly provide a full refund of your deposit, as well as provide a conditional health warranty.


Lastly we permit families to request the sex of their new family member, but retain the right to select the best puppy based upon your family type and the environment they will be going home to.


In the end, we want our puppies families to ask any and all the questions of us; and we will do our best to provide answers to any and all questions and address any concerns you may have.



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