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Interested in a Puppy...

Puppy Contract 2021

1. Review our contract.
2. Contact us, ask questions, & lets talk about Goldendoodles.
3. We will send you an electronic invoice, when you are ready.

*** Deposits will NOT be taken until the puppies live birth.***

4. Upon receipt of your deposit, your position will be secured.
5. Watch the puppies grow with us.
6. Then, at week 7 we will begin to contact the puppies families and assist with matching you and the puppy you are wanting. 

*** We do this so that we might be able to assist  you,
with your with selecting the right puppy personality for your family.***
7. Finally and when Stella is ready, approximately 2 weeks later, we will schedule with you to either pick-up or have us deliver your new Mini Doodle.

*** We do not ship our puppies however will deliver for an additional charge***

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