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Our 4 Legged Family Members

"Old Man" Gunner
_Momma_ Lady Stella
Hazel _Hazy Jane_

AKC# SR96162910

15 years ago Kelly decided we needed to get a dog soon... Kelly chose the breed and I chose the name.  Gunner is the "Old Man" of the gang, and simply is the most amazing dog of all the animals I had ever trained, worked, or owned.

When he turned 10 Kelly and I wanted to get another and after much searching found "Momma" Stella and decided that we would take all the knowledge our family has and breed F1 Goldendoodles.  We also wanted to expose our children to animal husbandry and some real world responsibility, given they are as much of our breeding program as Kelly and I.

Last year, we decided to hold a female F1 Mini Golden Doodle back for potential breeding providing all of her screening comes back and providing she maintains the sweetest temperament of any dog... shhhh and don't tell Gunner... he was a little hell'n in his puppy years.... smile. 

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