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Kids & Golden-doodle Puppies

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Having children is such a blessing.... But it is a blessing that needs to be valued and valued everyday.

Kelly and I waited later in life to have children once things had 'settled down' as I seemed to be chasing the war. It wasn't till after my return home from my last deployment, that my days of being a gunfighter were over.... I knew this, because it was on this deployment, I called her late one night from AFG and stated, "I can't talk long, but I have all my fingers and toes."... she responded stating, "I am glad you are okay"... and that was the last conversation we would have for over week.

Needless to say.... We are now so very blessed to have all that we have and are able to do what we do, but it takes commitment.... sometimes it is easy and some days it is damn near impossible. But, we have managed to 'keep the wheels on the bus' not by lavish vacations or fancy things but by trying things out.... things that are 'challenging' and things we always thought would be 'neat to do'.

One of these 'things' was searching for a dog 2 years ago, specifically to do what we are doing today... Breeding Golden-doodles. Many people think we are a bit 'crazy' given all the 'things' we do here at the Station... but without 'challenge' there will never be a 'reward'.

Now, we don't do things willy nilly.... being that Kelly is a 3rd Grade School Teacher with Type A personality and I being a former 'fires-guy', who runs his own business.... we time and schedule everything!!!... Again something we both enjoy, but need to do or else we would go 'crazy'.

The children were 'planned' the same way and just like the pups they were all born during summer break or within the opportune window of maternity leave with consideration of summer break... hahaha

This is where it all comes together....

Yesterday, I was returning to the house from a job. Kelly just pulled out of the drive way and I was pulling in. A quick honk and wave... she was out and I was in. As I got out of the truck I saw that the Mrs. had sent me a text just minutes before and it made me smile.

As I came into the house, I bellowed out.... "You all behaving!!!"... and there the boy was... in the whelping box with mama and her puppies and with the twin girls sitting in the lazy boy side by side, each holding their own pup, listing to Cayden read. You see... I did not take the photo you see right now... my wife did... this was the text that made me smile.

Having children and puppies is not always fun, but it is rewarding if you raise them right, raise them strong, and teach them 'values'.... with a lil fun... the challenge often will result in a reward.... and if not... who cares.... you only live once.

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