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Previous Golden Doodle Litters

We are a small breeder and only have 1 litter a year.

Our breeding program focuses on temperament second only to health.

Though the Sire is not on premises we take great effort and time in his selection.

2019 Puppies

This was our very first litter.  Despite our family having many years of training, breeding, and grooming experience, we had never breed on our own. 

These puppies were full size F1 Goldendoodles, despite their all being born jet blacked.

2020 Puppies

After our 2019 litter, Kelly wanted to breed some "mini" Doodles. 


Finding a Miniature Poodle was quite challenging.

After months of searching we found a remarkable little guy named "Mighty Maximus" and we drove all the way to Indiana to meet him.  

These were the his offspring.

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