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Diablo DD208 Stacked Dado Set - Review

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Being a small business owner.... I find it worth while to purchase good tools.... one item I buy frequently are saw blades.... everything from 4.5” to 12”.

Are there better blades out there then Diablo??? Sure there are.... but you better plan on spending some $$$$$.

Diablo in my opinion the best all around blade out there.... until today.

I have owned this Dado set for nearly a year and have cut a max of 250 ft of board, varying in widths and depths with this set.

Then today, while I was cutting some rabbet joints for some Shaker cabinets I am building, I began to see this ‘tear out’ and am not really pleased. It isn't the whole set but just 1 of the blades that causing this.

I have no idea why this would be occurring... there are no burrs or chips in the teeth and I don’t run these blades through any nails, screws, or staples... but will be looking for a new brand of Dado blades, given this set is $99, though will stick with Diablo for every other blade in my shop.

As far as my recommendation on this product... thoughnit cut clean as a whistle when I first purchased it, I would be reminded to even suggest this set of blades for even the novice woodworker.

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