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Stanley Sweetheart 750 Series (3/8 Wood Chisel) - $41 at Woodwerks in Columbus, Ohio

This was purchased to clean out the rabbet joints in fabrication of some Shaker Cabinet faces.

Before this purchase I had been using a run of a mill 1/4” Stanley Basic chisel And though what I had plenty of reach, it’s clean out left a lot to be desired.

Unboxing this lil guy was exciting, there was an expandable cap to protect its cutting edge and roughly an inch up its blade on both sides.

Its blade is also made of a high carbon steel so it will hold it razors edge and be easy to sharpen.

It’s handle is made out of Hornbeam which is a very hard wood.... which means if one wanted to use a mallet.... go for it!!!!

Now I will admit that I only used it for parring ie flatting the bottom on my rabbet joints.... but this thing was slick and with little effort I was done.

(Though one will want to not be to ‘aggressive’ because this will chop and pare very easily ie making you joint deeper then you planned for)

I also really liked the angle of its blades ie on its side. There were a couple of rough spots from the dado blade I had been using and like before it cleaned up the sides of the joint perfectly and effortlessly.

Finally the faces of these cabinets are made with 1/2 oak plywood. Some depths of the joints were uneven give the nature of ‘cutting’ plywood.

All in all... I cleaned up around 30’ of 3/8” joints.... and I would venture to say it is as sharp as when i first took it out of the box.

**** Before closing up the shop I did my ‘paper test’ where I cut a piece of paper to see it it ‘cuts’ straight and clean.... and it did so flawlessly.

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