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Motivation vs. capability, the cost or price of entrepreneurship; and the need for affirmation.

Years ago my father had a poster with a similar image on his office wall at the his lumber yard.... funny how childhood memories will emerge... 80’s wood panel walls a large steel desk covered in carbon copy's of orders and paperwork, a coffee pot with ‘patina’ and his matching coffee stained ceramic “Wickes” coffee mug, a wall of filing cabinets, an office that smelt of cigarettes with windows looking both into the shop and onto to the yard... and this poster.

None the less...

Motivation and capability are not the same thing. For one requires a will and the other a skill.

Case in point, “Where there is a will there is a way.” This sounds great but let’s face it, “one can not simply will something to happen”.

This being said, there must be a level of ‘motivation’ which is at least equal to one’s ‘capability’.

However we as humans are capable of growing our ‘capability’ through education and experience, which in-turn increases our confidence and efficiency thus our ‘motivation’.

But, it’s not free, it comes with a ‘price’ often without fixed dollar sign.

Some may say “well, that’s the cost of doing business”, I say it’s the ‘price’ of doing business. Given there is no means for the entrepreneur to absorb the ‘cost’ when there is no ability to invoice a customer or client for goods or services rendered.

Further more, it’s a ‘price’ because we pay for it with our motivation and just like working capital, we only have so much and when we become over extended it doesn’t matter how ‘capable’ we are, we will fail.

Er-go the need for ‘affirmation’, and not the “you are awesome, you can do this”, bull shit. But that of words or deeds, which originate from one where mutual respect is held***, which creates cause and reverberates our own merit and value.... it is only then that ‘we’ see and realistically set and then accept the ‘price’ for entrepreneurship and not throw in the towel when one begins to believe the dream of being an entrepreneur “costs to much”.

*** When “mutual respect is held” it doesn’t mean we have to ‘like’ the person.

For the boxer responds to the ‘bell’ in the 13th round not to make a new friend, but because victory can not be affirmed by an ‘existential’ decision or in self defeat.

~ Brain Fitzgibbons

Note: WBC no longer permits bouts to exceed 12 rounds, to bad ‘life’ doesn’t have or play by the same rules.

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