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Old Farm House and New Hard Wood Floors

We were asked by one of our most favorite clients to install some new flooring in their old farm house.

We have done a lot of work for them in the past, Some was jobs where simple and others more challenging.... but then working in a 100+ year old home always poses a few.

Their house is truly a home... and we are greeted as family... not only by John and George but by the decadent smell of fresh baked sweets, John has for the crew.

Though they are one of our favorites, the work we do for every client new and old is the same.... Nothing but our very best!!!

It was suppose to be a simple flooring job until John asked if we might be able to do the landing.... ”of course John, no issue.”

This is what sets us apart from others.... we are installers, finishers, and artisans.

The landing was unleveled, the subfloor was weak, the angles where both complex and tricked.... least we forget to mention the horse hair plaster was.... well horse hair plaster.... hahahaha

Making everything right wasn’t an issue, installing the floor wasn’t even a challenge. It was the trim that had us going back and forth on.

“John, how would you like it to look?”

”Oh, Guy....“

”Not a problem John, we will freakin make it happen!!!”

At the end of the day we returned to the shop, drew out the plan, found some Red Oak, milled, mitered, stained, finished, and the next day installed the custom fabricated trim.

There isn’t much we can’t do....

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