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What is in a name...

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

How did we come up with the name 'Rural Station'??? A year before retirement from the Marine Corps, we discussed what and where we might live and what all I should do.

Opportunities were presented with some really great companies by some amazing would be 'bosses'.

However, it was decided that we would make 'go of it' on our own using the talents which my father had taught me and perhaps others had seen in 'me' growing up...

So we moved to a "Rural" area and with the decision to open a 'shop' on our property... it quickly became evident it would not only support our small business but as a place to raise our children.... there by becoming our "Station".

How did we get the Logo..... well... the wife and I spent hours designing it... but were inspired by this picture taken on our property... which tells that story.

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